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Vaccinations or Titre Tests (Mandatory)

Our insurer requires printed proof of vaccinations or Titre test, administered by your Veterinarian. The Vaccination Certificate must be provided for all dogs that stay with us and are required at the time of, or before we perform the initial assessment. Owners are required to show proof annually to ensure all dogs that board with us have sufficient immunity levels.

The Following Vaccinations are Mandatory: 

Bordetella Vaccine : commonly known as canine cough vaccine;

All dogs must have this vaccine done annually.

Rabies Vaccine or Titre :

DHPP: Distemper, Hepatits, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus

Leptosporosis: is not a mandatory vaccination required here at Red Woof Inn, but  given the number of outbreaks in recent years it is something you should discuss with your veterinarian. 

What to bring:

The only thing our guests will need is food for their dog. Please leave all of your dog’s favorite toys at home as we may not be able to control the location of his playful belongings! If certain items must be brought, such as a security blanket , Red Woof Inn cannot be held responsible for any lost items, but we’ll try to keep track of them for you.

Application Form


This document is a PDF Form, that you can fill out electronically and email directly to us. 

First though you need to save it to your desktop before it is able to be filled out.